AZULÈ e K2.0

Azulè and K2.0 are a dynamic and daily Italian style designed for him and for her, creating an ever-broader choice of shoulder garments with attention to detail and fabrics, allowing the production of collections that meet market needs, adding a plus to the range  of the planned fashion.


The Azulè and K2.0 brands come from an idea of ​​the owners of ModaMania srls, with the aim of responding to that slice of the men’s outerwear fashion market in a young, interactive, refined way, creating collections with an entirely Italian spirit.

The careful eye on details, the choice of fabrics and colors, the continuous search for style allows and facilitates the production of new models aimed at meeting the needs of a growing public, bringing value to the planned fashion.

The experience and dexterity of the ModaMania laboratories guarantee a crutch garment to the final user, defined and with a democratic price. The precious cooperation and collaboration of the drafting of the projects with the style offices of Italian companies that for years have entrusted the creation of their collections to ModaMania , contributes to and reinforces the work of the entire staff working in the backstage of the fashion scene.

CREATIVITY is everywhere.

jackets, quilted jackets and furs, even in the reversible version to never give up inventing at the last minute. Padding in bagged wadding, provided with garments that make the style of the wearer unique, from the fashion style girl to the glam woman who loves dressing and not appearing.


jackets and down jackets that range from the classic basic to the more sporty technician, slim fit, refined in the details of the zip and the cuffs, satisfy the needs of the boy who carefully follows the fashions but also of the man who does not renounce the personality.

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